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Colm Holland’s 40 Days of Alchemy Meditations at home.

DAY 8 - Dreams and Treasure

This is the first day of week two of our Alchemy Meditations and I want to thank all of you who have sent me messages of encouragement and thanks for this series. If you have comments and suggestions about these meditations please feel free to send them via my social media channels: facebook, twitter, instagram, or directly via my contact form.

I love hearing about your Alchemy stories of transformation.

To kick off week two, I want to focus on the central theme of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:

Follow your dreams to find your treasure.

If you’ve not read the story about how I came to publish his book in Australia almost 30 years ago, you can go here to learn about my momentous meeting with Paulo long before he became a bestselling author:

If you have read The Alchemist and like so many millions of readers who reported it made an impact on their life, you will most likely say that it encouraged you to follow your dreams and find your true destiny.

What you may not have realized at the time, is the very concept of pursuing your dreams - as in ambitions and aspirations to find your unique treasure - as in destiny or gifts is an Alchemy principle. You have seen from my first seven meditations the ancient alchemists called this The Great Work to produce The Philosopher’s Stone.

In my book, The Secret of The Alchemist - I tell the true story of a woman called Victoria, someone who had no idea what her true destiny was or what her ‘gift’ or purpose for her own fulfillment looked like. In other words her dream was so deeply buried within her unconscious that it remained a complete mystery to her for many years. All she sensed was a deep sense of being unfulfilled - as if there was an ambition burning inside her heart that was pleading with her mind to be set free.

Happily she did eventually materialize her gift or treasure beyond her wildest dreams and this is how she did it:

Victoria used The Secret of The Alchemist process to ask Love to reveal her true gift and destiny.

Yes, it was that simple - or maybe hard is a truer adjective to describe it . Why do we hesitate to simply ASK for the help that Love can give to help us live fulfilled lives? We will explore the answer to that question in the tomorrow’s meditation, but for today we will use this mantra:

Ask and it shall be given you. Seek and you shall find.

When we ask, we will get the answer. When we seek, we will find our treasure. The answer may not be what we expect, but it will lead to our true fulfillment.

And remember, to encourage you throughout these exercises I have asked Love to give you everything you need to be the Alchemist in your world.