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Colm Holland’s 40 Days of Alchemy Meditations at home.

DAY 9 - Thoth

You will recall that in Meditation 1 I noted that, according to the ancient Egyptian alchemists, The Emerald Tablet was written by their god Thoth - the father of all Alchemy.

This original source of alchemy most likely began five thousand years ago, when Thoth was also seen as the go-between of the worlds of matter and the spirit. The ancients believed Alchemy was literally a gift from the gods and was first practiced near where the Great Pyramids still stand.

Most importantly, Thoth was revered as the creator of transformation in nature and humans.

Moreover, they cast Thoth as the one who put various life purposes into the hearts and souls of humans, such as the ambition to get rich, to be healthy, to care about the welfare of society and to live in peaceful communion with the universe.

In my book, The Secret of The Alchemist I explain in more detail how when we follow our dreams and follow the alchemical process of Transformation, the teachings of The Emerald Tablet is a direct link to the Soul of The World. In other words, the Egyptian god Thoth lives on in the verse that we committed to memory in our first Meditation.

This is more than simply an esoteric belief. The exciting fact is that Thoth, according to the ancient Alchemists, continues his work of being the connection between that which is below to that which is above. He appears many times throughout history and even today to bring the message of Unconditional Love to anyone who is open to receive it.

This was my experience. Love came to me when I was hungry and thirsty for the true purpose in my life and I tell the story of this momentous experience in my book. I allowed Love to embrace me and this was the beginning of my personal transformation. I was only eighteen years old, but that encounter shaped my entire life, even to today - fifty years later!

In The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Thoth also comes to Santiago, in the person of Melkizedek. In his encounter, it is as if Santiago is awakened to the reality that he is alive as if for the first time. Melchizedek knows everything about him and accepts him unconditionally and in that moment time stands still for Santiago - he has his first encounter with Love and The Soul of The World. His life is never the same again and he sees the world with new eyes and discovers new-found courage to pursue his dream.

We will look in more detail at who Melchizadek is tomorrow and for our meditation today I encourage you to repeat this mantra:

Today, I allow Love to embrace me fully and unconditionally!

And remember, to encourage you throughout these exercises I have asked Love to give you everything you need to be the Alchemist in your world.