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Colm Holland’s 40 Days of Alchemy Meditations at home.

DAY 13 - Gold

Gold is the treasure you will find when you follow your true destiny.

Today we will look at what Gold means for you and why it drives you on to want to find it. On day 8 of our meditations: Dreams and Treasure, I touched briefly on this topic and today I will try and help you clarify what your treasure actually is.

Gold is the perfect metaphor created by the ancient alchemists to represent the innate and burning desire for something better in life whatever that might be. The dreams we have of obtaining Gold - as aspirations, are unique to each individual and limitless.

Here is a question I suggest you ask yourself today:

What do I really want in my life right now?

If you know the answer, then I also suggest that you write it on a post-it note or somewhere you can see it and remind yourself as often as you can.

There is no ‘right’ answer to what our aspirations should be, all desires are legitimate - the wisdom comes when you are able to discern which of your ambitions will be helpful to your overall well being and which will not. I would suggest that whatever your aspirations are they will benefit you the most if they will bring about an enhancement of your life in all the three key areas: Mind, Body and Spirit.

If I look at my own answer to the question ‘What do I really want for my life right now?’ - the answer includes a material, a soulful and mindful element. My test for whether what I want is real Gold - not just something that ‘glisters’* like Gold is:

Will it make me more truly empowered?

(*"All that glisters is not gold." Shakespeare - The Merchant of Venice.)

True Empowerment- as I understand it includes:

  • An encompassing state of well being.
  • A condition of personal wholeness where the soul, mind and body are fully integrated and are at one with Love.
  • A place of authenticity and truth.
  • A place from which dreams and goals can be fulfilled, unhindered.
  • A manifestation of Love in all humankind and a vehicle by which change for the better is created.

How to achieve this True Empowerment is revealed in my book The Secret of The Alchemist, - and this power is available to anyone who passionately wants it.

What does True Empowerment look like to you?

Here is a mantra for today to help you answer that question:

I will value my ambitions and give them a voice.

And remember, to encourage you throughout these exercises I have asked Love to give you everything you need to be the Alchemist in your world.