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DAY 31 - My First Miracle

Yesterday we looked at how a life full of miracles is the ‘norm’ for those who have committed to personal transformation with the help of Love. I also promised to tell a lighthearted story about my first ever everyday miracle that happened to me almost fifty years ago. Also, if you have a miracle story I’d love to hear from you and I can publish it in my Alchemist’s Group:

The Angel and the Bubble Car

When I was eighteen years old and in my first year of university I invited Love into my life for the first time and you can read about the miraculous change that took place in my psyche here in my book: The Secret of The Alchemist. This was the beginning of an ongoing personal transformation that has continued to this day.

Also at this time I owned my first and favorite car - an Isetta Bubble Car. If you’re not familiar with the make here’s a photo of an identical car.

This model of car from 1960 always raised a smile because it only had 3 wheels, 2 seats and a door that opened at the front. My fiance and I went everywhere in it and would be greeted by waves and honks from other drivers, who were delighted to see it on the road.

What’s so miraculous about that you may already be asking? One sunny weekend we were off to visit friends for the day about 50 miles away and one of the things I forgot to check before leaving was whether we had enough fuel to get us there and back. The Bubble Car did not have a fuel gauge - but it did have a reserve tank switch behind the driver's seat. Switch to the left for the main tank and switch to the right for the reserve tank. The reserve tank would get us at least 30 miles when we were sure to find a gas station.

We were charging along, soaking up the beautiful day with the sunroof open (yes it had a sunroof) when the car began to cough and splutter and finally came to an abrupt stop. We’d run out of fuel.

‘Not a problem’, I said to my fiance as I pulled to the side of the country road in the middle of nowhere to flick the switch to the reserve tank. You can imagine my horror when I turned in my seat to find the switch was already to the right! We had been driving on reserve fuel by mistake and now we were completely stranded.

My fiance rightly wanted to know why I had forgotten to top up with gas or at least check before we left home.

‘You do have a spare can of gas?’ She asked, more as a statement of common sense rather than a question.

‘Well, no - there’s not really any room in this car to carry a spare can and …..’ I stopped speaking partly out of embarrassment but also out of surprise because in my rear view mirror I spotted that another car had pulled up behind us. A young man got out of his car and was walking towards us with a gas can in his hand and he stopped at the back of our car without saying a word.

I opened the frontward facing door of the car and walked round to the rear where the gas cap was located to find the young man had already removed the gas cap and was pouring gas into the tank.

I was speechless! I eventually managed to say, ‘Hello! This is incredibly kind of you. How did you know we were out of gas?’

He looked up briefly and smiled at me, then without a word continued to carefully pour spare fuel into the tank.

‘Let me get you some money for that’, I said still in shock about what was unfolding before my eyes and I quickly walked back to the front of my car to ask my fiance to pass me my wallet in my bag on the seat. I found a suitable amount of money in my wallet and walked quickly back to give it to the young man only to find he was gone.

He’d replaced the gas cap then both he and his car had disappeared. I searched up and down the road for any sign of his car but there was nothing. I scratched my head in complete disbelief when my fiance joined me asking where the mystery good samaritan had gone.

‘I have absolutely no idea’, I replied. ‘He was here and now he’s not - I don’t know who he was and how he knew we needed gas!’

We got back into the car and I made sure I put the gas switch to the main tank setting and tried to start the engine. Sure enough, on the second go it fired into action and we were back on our way toward our friends’ house.

We started to laugh, mostly out of disbelief about what had just happened when my fiance said, ‘He was an angel! Did you know you have a guardian angel and that was him?’

‘Er, no!’ I muttered to myself as we drove on in silence full of gratitude for the miracle that had just taken place; my first encounter with my guardian angel and my first miracle - well at least it was the first I was aware of since I had allowed Love to embrace my life just a few weeks earlier.

Our mantra for today:

Today I will be grateful to Love for the everyday miracles I receive and can create.

Remember I have asked Love to give you everything you need to be the Alchemist in your world - and it all begins with a thought.