The Alchemy Lab - Colm Holland Podcast

Welcome to The Alchemy Lab with Colm Holland, writer, mentor, speaker, alchemy trainer and adventurer.

For the last 50 years I have been on my alchemist journey and am learning something new everyday about how Love can turn the ordinary in our lives into gold.

Once we find our treasure it is vital that we give it away to the benefit of our world. This is true empowerment and the path to the gold is personal transformation.Join me as we make the journey together so you can be the alchemist in your world.

~ Colm

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In conversation with...' as part of the TEDxFrome, short-form digital programme 2020 we get to chat to the remarkable Colm Holland author of 'The Secret of The Alchemist' which is #1 on Amazon’s hot new releases.

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It was such a privilege to be interviewed by the wonderful Alexandra Wenman and talk about how to turn your obstacles into treasure - https://youtu.be/vxpA_QGpyzo, and my new book The Secret of The Alchemist - available now for pre-order on amazon https://amzn.to/2YAP00z

In today’s Alchemy Lab with Colm Holland, it is episode two of his conversation with the amazing Geoff Thompson, where they dive deeper into talking about personal transformation and how it turns an ordinary life into an extraordinary life.


After twenty-five years working in sales and marketing in the publishing industry, Colm Holland was a member of the Harper Collins team which published Paul Coelho's The Alchemist in 1993. It is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for selling the most books-- as an International Best Seller--tied with J.K. Rowling's, Harry Potter. However, Colm points out that both books are about Alchemy.

'The Secrets of the Alchemist’ by Colm Holland is a commentary book on the New York Times bestseller novel ‘The Alchemist,’ written by Brazillian author Paulo Coelho. In this episode, join Apodcast host Adrian Sinclair as he chats up with Colm Holland where they unravel the magic of achieving true empowerment, facing our fears, and pursuing our goals and dreams in life.

This is the first enlightening episode in a fabulous three part series entitled: Two ordinary boys living two extraordinary lives! Colm is in conversation with the famous Geoff Thompson about personal transformation and true empowerment. Geoff is a successful BAFTA winning screenwriter, film maker, author and teacher. His latest book, The Divine CEO - Creating A Divine Covenant with miraculous everyday outcomes.

The third in this three part series of The Alchemy Lab with the awesome Geoff Thompson. Geoff and I have been exploring the paths we each have followed to reach the same destiny, which is unconditional Love. Join us in this episode and in the journey we are all taking together.

I am thrilled to welcome David Berner to the Alchemy Lab in this episode. David is Chicago based and the award-winning author of A well-Respected Man, Accidental Lessons, and Any Road Will Take You There and his latest book Walks With Sam. Whether you have a pet dog or not you will love what David has to say about mindfulness and personal transformation.

It was great fun to be a guest on Midwest Paranormal presents Paranormal Soup and talk about some spooky life changing events and alchemy.

My interview with TruthSeekah, a visionary hip hop artist, author and speaker and is also the host of The TruthSeekah Podcast, a weekly show that discusses spiritual, esoteric and metaphysical topics and is designed to help you grow on you’re spiritual journey.

Niels Jørgen Lindtner: Interview with Colm Holland about his book The Secret of the Alchemist and Alchemy.

O People Podcast: Become the Alchemist of your World

Paranormal Podcast With Jim Harold: Interview with Colm Holland interview where in the second half of the show we talk about my Book The Secret of The Alchemist and using Alchemy to transform your life.

My LIVE radio interview on Beyond Reality Radio discussing the secrets of the ground breaking work of Paulo Coelho - The Alchemist, and my own book - The Secret of The Alchemist - which reveals how the hidden teachings of The Alchemist can help you make all of your dreams come true.