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Colm Holland’s 40 Days of Alchemy Meditations at home.

DAY 2 - The Philosophers Stone


On this second day of Alchemy Meditations at home we are quickly going to test how well we remembered the first verse of The Emerald Tablet. Try and recite it again today and at the beginning of every day of this series. If you repeat several times you will find it helps to focus your attention at the start of the meditations. If you need a reminder, here it is again:

Today we will think about one of the best known symbols of Alchemy - The Philosopher’s Stone. Of all the ancient alchemical symbols, The Philosopher’s Stone has appeared in literature more than any other including the best selling Harry Potter series.

In folklore, The Philosopher’s Stone is associated with several magical properties; the ability to create gold from base metal, to heal every kind of sickness and extend the life of its owner.

We may never know whether the Philosopher’s Stone was actually ever created in a physical sense. We do know, however, that as with most symbols associated with Alchemy - nothing is quite what it seems. The alchemists notoriously hid the true meaning of their wisdom in code, symbols and images that only revealed their true wisdom to those who knew how to decipher them. They were concerned that the power of Alchemy should not get into the hands of those who wanted to use it for destructive purposes.

Consequently, for centuries people laboured in vain to try and create the Philosopher’s Stone for their own selfish ends, with no result. But thanks to the recent studies of Dr Carl Jung, we now know that the genuine alchemists were hiding a real and identified power behind the symbol of The Philosopher’s Stone: the power of the Alchemist to effect the outcome of things in their world for the better; to join all things together, heal divisions and unite opposites.

Jung discovered that the gold the true Alchemist’s had managed to manifest was not the element in their laboratories, but an inner transformation or transmutation that produced a ‘new’ inner person. This new ‘self’ is, in other words, The Philosopher’s Stone and this is not merely a symbol or an object: The Alchemist is The Philosopher’s Stone!

Meditation 2

This is what I want us to meditate on today as you quietly clear your mind and repeat:

I am The Philosopher’s Stone and I can bring about significant change for the better in my world!

As we progress through these meditations you will discover how you can possess all the power associated with The Philosopher’s Stone through the art of Alchemy.

And remember I have asked Love to give you everything you need to be the Alchemist in your world.