The Secret of the Alchemist by Colm Holland

'As I wrote this book, I asked Love to give you, the reader, everything you need to be the alchemist in your world.' - Colm

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In this book I reveal how you can discover the power to miraculously change the world around you beyond all recognition and for the better.

I will tell you the story of my encounter with Paulo Coelho, the bestselling author of The Alchemist and how discovering the secret in his novel gave me the insights to achieve true empowerment in my life.

Alchemy is all about transformation and draws upon the greatest power of all to convert seemingly insurmountable obstacles into life changing experiences.

Through an honest account of my own, often difficult quest to live life to the full, you can draw on my discoveries and other real-life stories to inspire the pursuit of your dreams and reach your goals.

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The Secret of The Alchemist reveals how you can unearth the magic buried within The Alchemist to perform miracles in your world. In my book you will learn how to :

  • Overcome the fears that stop you reaching your dream

  • Find True Empowerment to take full control of your destiny

  • Use the 'magical' steps of Personal Transformation to perform miracles

  • Harness Love to turn your greatest weakness into your most powerful strength

You are already an alchemist with the power to change the world around you for the better. Your heart knows how to harness the energy of Love to overcome the seemingly insurmountable blocks that hold you back from turning your dream into a reality.

You will learn the secret that made The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho one of the best selling books of a living author and how that formula can manifest what you really want in your life too.

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