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Saturn and Jupiter create an alchemy omen in tonight’s sky!

Alchemy symbols are just that; symbols that hold meaning and inspiration to alchemists as they engage in The Great Work. An alchemy symbol has no power in it’s own right but in the mind of an alchemist, it holds a metaphorical significance and assists in encouraging and directing our personal journey of inner transformation.

So you can imagine my delight today to see two major alchemy symbols joining together for a rare moment: the alignment or conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter with the earth. Why is this such a big event for astronomers (let’s hope the sky is clear tonight so we can see them in alignment) but also for an alchemist?

For astronomers, it's a thrill because the last time these planets were this close from our viewpoint on Earth was almost 400 years ago on 16 July 1623. So this is a once in a millennia opportunity and none of our recent ancestors saw this and neither will our offspring for a few generations to come. Of course, the planets aren’t really close together, Jupiter is currently 886,440 km from Earth and Saturn is another 733,205 km beyond it.

A key alchemy principle is the symbolic Ladder of the Planets, where our soul metaphorically passes through various stages represented by the planets of the solar system to reach it’s true, transformed Self (to use Jungian terminology). Saturn is the first and last stage in that journey and its influence must be encountered before we can continue our journey. So what is its alchemical or archetypal influence?

Saturn represents the beginning and the end of The Great Work of the alchemist as our soul passes through the influence of the planets to earth and back again. It is the gateway between our temporal body and our eternal soul, or the conscious and the unconscious mind.

It represents the ‘Lead’ of our earthly self (the false persona in Jungian thinking) and its need to be transformed into ‘Gold’, which is the true Self, once it has passed through the refining process. This is The Great Work of an alchemist. (For more on this see my book: The Secret of The Alchemist by Colm Holland.)

Saturn provides the power to help reduce our false self so we can start the discovery of our true Self; it offers discipline and also the hope of reaching our real potential.

Jupiter, the second ‘rung’ on the Ladder of The Planets, is not only the largest planet in our solar system but also the most gaseous. With four moons, it is regarded as the great benefactor; full of divine grace, optimism, joy and positivity. As the soul passes through the trials and tribulations of the The Great Work, it provides the encouragement we need to complete the work and arrive at our final destination; the discovery of our real treasure and true empowerment.

So for the alchemist, the alignment of these two symbolic giants is an encouraging ‘omen’ or sign and a huge boost to remind us that The Great Work of personal transformation is our true destiny and the most valuable activity we can engage in during our lifetime. Together these planets remind us that:

Starting today, when you commit to follow your heart and allow Unconditional Love to bring about the healing changes your soul longs for,the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ (The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.)

( My note: That’s the whole universe, not just the two largest planets in our solar system!)

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