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Colm Holland’s 40 Days of Alchemy Meditations at home.

DAY 14 - Transformation

Transformation is not about trying to become someone other than who we really are.

In these meditations so far, we have seen the multiple metaphors that the ancient alchemists used to represent what they called Transmutation - and we call personal transformation. We have seen how the transformation of something of low value is changed into the greatest treasure using the alchemical process.

There is a danger however, in thinking about that transformative change, that we are trying to become someone other than ourselves - our true self. Or we can be mistaken in thinking that we have to strive to reach a perfect ideal of ourselves - sadly that ideal person does not exist and we are doomed to failure in an attempt to reach our imagined perfect self.

What then is true personal transformation and what does it look like?

Here’s my thoughts on what Transformation is based on my own experience:

  • It’s an inward journey toward discovering our true soul.
  • It involves an inner catharsis toward wholeness rather than a striving for an unattainable state of perfection.
  • It means valuing our frailty and woundedness and allowing Love to heal and restore the power of our unique individuality.

It is about looking within so we can move forward to a place of true empowerment where we can offer compassion, empathy and healing to everyone in our world.

Transformation does require honest self-awareness, where we make a choice to work towards our well-being with all of our whole being.

The starting point is right where we are now, and the process never fully ends because when we choose transformation it becomes our new way of life.

I do want to add a word caution. When we reach the moment of deciding to actively embark on the inner journey of personal transformation - our conscious self will question whether this is a good idea and that question originates from fear. This fear is legitimate and founded in our past experiences where we encountered pain. ‘Don’t go there again!’ you will hear yourself saying.

Rest assured that while transformation will mean we will need to face our fears, there are no dangers lying in wait in the transformation process. I will look at what it means to face our fears in tomorrow’s mediation but for today here is our mantra:

Transformation is my friend, and I can embrace it without fear.

And remember, to encourage you throughout these exercises I have asked Love to give you everything you need to be the Alchemist in your world.