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Colm Holland’s 40 Days of Alchemy Meditations at home.

DAY 37 - Patience

‘The bedfellow of Silence is Patience, because they both appear to be asleep!’ Colm Holland - The Secret of The Alchemist

Why has nothing changed yet? I have worked so hard at this but everything seems the same. When will I see the miracle happen? Will it ever happen? These are just a few of the thoughts I catch myself having when I really want something to happen and I want it to happen NOW! Then I hear the wise voice of my late father, ‘Patience is a virtue, Colm !’

Yesterday we saw how Silence is the final step in the ancient alchemist’s process of performing miracles. If you have missed the previous steps then I recommend going back to the beginning of my 40 Days of Alchemy Meditations to follow the process of getting to this point: Patience!

Recently during the great lockdown we have all submitted to, I decided to start growing tomatoes from seeds. Before the stores closed I bought three varieties and followed the instructions for planting on the packet. What they did not tell you on the packet is that planting the seeds would reduce your emotional age to that of a five year old. Everyday, morning, noon and evening I was walking up to the seed pots on the window ledge to see if there was any sign of growth - only to feel my impatience grow.

After the fifth day - when there was still no sign of a seedling sprouting yet - I would add more water and begin to doubt if I had followed the planting instructions correctly. I should know better of course, I am an adult and I know it takes more than a week for germination to take place. The five year within, however, was even suggesting I should dig into the soil to see if they had taken yet - fortunately I did not.

On the tenth day, when I was performing my inspection ritual, I spotted the tiniest green sprout and of course now, several weeks later, I have more than enough tall healthy tomato plants - so many that I have been giving trays of them away to family and neighbours.

During The Great Test, the ancient alchemists were often tempted to feel that their work had failed and yet they refused to let despair take over. The trick, it seemed, was mastering the art of letting go without giving up, which was a delicate balance essential for success.

Patience with action, that identifies and follows the omens, is the key ingredient and, as my late father so rightly said, a virtue at this point. If the alchemist followed all the previous steps correctly, then the manifestation happened in good time. The intent became a reality, but not always immediately or obviously, and especially not necessarily in the way or form that was originally expected.

Of course, all the effort of these stages was fruitless unless the alchemist reached the realization that she or he is made of the same first matter as the rest of the world, and the thoughts and heart of the alchemist are the connection to that great truth.

The alchemist who becomes one with Love within all things was the one who could perform miracles. Colm Holland - The Secret of The Alchemist

Our mantra for today:

I will wait without wavering my intent for my miracle to happen - thanks to Love.

Remember I have asked Love to give you everything you need to be the Alchemist in your world.