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Colm Holland’s 40 Days of Alchemy Meditations at home.

DAY 24 - The Alchemist - 2

The alchemist in your life will help you understand The Language of The World through the experience of your own life.

This is Part Two of my exploration of the character of the alchemist in Paulo Coelho’s story of the same name. Like me, you probably knew very little about Alchemy prior to reading his book. What I discovered is that:

Alchemy is a universal framework by which we can understand and act upon the core principles of transformation in the cosmos and our role in it.

The alchemical traditions were passed down through the centuries in written codes and symbols and it is only relatively recently, thanks for Professor Carl Jung and Paulo Coelho that we understand their true significance.

The character of the alchemist in the story is a teacher of Alchemy - but he teaches not through books or in a class room - he teaches through example and by encouraging us into an engagement with real life!

You can turn lead into gold in the laboratory of your life in the world.

When the alchemist appears in your world there will be no mistaking who she or he is! All the symbols of True Empowerment will be evident in what they say and do.

In the story of Santiago, the character of the alchemist is clearly visible :

  • He arrives on a powerful white horse as a symbol of True Empowerment.
  • He’s dressed completely in black because he owns his shadow self.
  • Has a hawk on his shoulder as a sign he has tamed his heart.
  • Carries a large sabre because his passion for life cuts through fear and doubt.

As we saw in yesterday’s post, one of the reasons the alchemist comes into your life, as he did for Santiago, is to give you the push you need to continue on your journey of transformation towards True Empowerment. He knows what you are thinking at the moment you consider sitting back and giving up on a life of action. But the alchemist will also help and assist you when you begin to exert your new empowerment into your daily life in the world around you.

When you decide to decide to act and apply your true power into your relationships, your work, your interactions with others and your society - you will be tested by obstacles that will need all your passion and determination to overcome.

Santiago is taken by the alchemist into the desert and is shown how much he has learnt about the Language of The World. He has only one more thing to learn if he is to be the alchemist is his world:

He must listen to his heart - because his heart has learnt the Language of The World.

Tomorrow we will discover more about what this means for us as we move forward on our journey, but in the meantime here is today’s mantra:

The wisdom I seek is already in my heart and I am listening!

Remember I have asked Love to give you everything you need to be the Alchemist in your world - and it all begins with a thought.