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Colm Holland’s 40 Days of Alchemy Meditations at home.

DAY 32 - Spooky Action

For the remaining nine days of this series of 40 days of Alchemy Meditations I want to think about the question that obsessed the ancient alchemists:

Can we, through our thoughts, create or change our reality?

As we saw earlier, the ability to make that change was the motive to produce their Philosopher’s Stone and today I will look at whether modern quantum science thinks it is possible or not.

You can read my detailed discoveries on this topic in my book: The Secret of The Alchemist. In the meantime - here is a quick easy to follow and entertaining guide to assist in our meditation on this topic today. Just because it’s science does not mean it has nothing to offer our spiritual progress. ‘Au contraire, mes amis!’ - it has everything to do with our personal transformation toward true empowerment.

I want to tell the story of Albert Einstein and the ‘Spooky Action at a distance’.

In the 1930’s Einstein was upset with the world of quantum physics - the fundamental theory in physics describing the properties of nature on an atomic scale. Using the accepted quantum theories of the time, he proposed one of his famous thought experiments where an atomic event in one point in the universe could instantaneously affect another event far away on the other side of the universe.

He called this ‘Spooky Action at a distance’ because he thought it was an absurd theory. It implied a faster than light level of communication - something his own theory of relativity ruled out. Nothing can travel faster than light he had proposed many years earlier and this was until then, the accepted fact among the quantum science community.

But nowadays scientists can do this experiment that Einstein proposed in theory and what we find is indeed ‘spooky’. To understand how - we should know that science has found that all fundamental atomic particles have a property called ‘Spin’ and this can be measured.

Without delving into a complicated explanation of how ‘Spin’ is measured we will simply think about what happens when scientists measure the ‘Spin’. Amazingly they have found that by measuring it they actually change the ‘Spin’ of the particle. Wow! So what they found is that by measuring the behaviour of the particles they change their behaviour!

When scientists create two particles out of a single source of energy and then measure one - in some weird way they have yet to understand the two particles become ‘entangled’. This quantum entanglement means that it does not matter how far apart the two particles are - they could be light years away from each other - the scientist always knows that the ‘Spin’ of the two particles will always be the opposite of each other 50% of the time - always!

Measure one particle one way and it’s ‘Spin’ is up - then always - the ‘Spin’ of the second particle when measured will be down and vice versa. If particle one’s ‘Spin’ is down then particle two will be up half the time - no matter how many times you measure them.

Most quantum physicists agree that the two particles are not communicating faster than light - the explanation for this coordinated behaviour is to do with the act of human measuring.

When human observation is involved in the behaviour of particles they behave in a predictable way. Remove the observation and they probably behave randomly - so the theory goes.

If this was just a theory then we are simply having intellectual fun - however - the theory has been proven in experiments thousands of times and is already beginning to shape all our futures. It is now the basis for the next generation of super computing - where instantaneous communication is possible (sorry Professor Einstein) - faster than the speed of light.

Why am I fascinated by all this science? Because it follows the basic belief of the ancient alchemist - who despite their lack of scientific knowledge - believed that the human involvement and observation of the natural world could influence its outcome.

Because all things are one, humans can influence the behaviour of all matter.

Our mantra for today:

I have a power beyond my belief to change my world for the better and I will begin to nurture that power today.

Remember I have asked Love to give you everything you need to be the Alchemist in your world - and it all begins with a thought.