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Colm Holland’s 40 Days of Alchemy Meditations at home.

DAY 30 - Everyday Miracles

Yesterday, we looked at the first step to take to see ourselves as a miracle and how this leads to miracles happening all around us. Today, I want to share my own experience of my initiation into miracles as a part of my daily life.

‘Love has inspired our hearts to want the best for our lives. When we have achieved the integration of our mind and our heart, then miracles happen. This was the point of my alchemist moment. This was the point when my life shifted to a new dimension; and as I moved forward and listened to my heart, endless miracles began to take place.’ Colm Holland. The Secret of The Alchemist

In my book, I tell the story of how I first encountered Love through grasping onto a promise that Love wanted me to have an abundant life full of all that Love had to offer. That was 50 years ago and when I look back, and even today, I cannot imagine a life devoid of miracles.

Yes, I have had to forgive my abusers. Yes, I have had to own my own shadow. Yes, I have faced hard and painful times. Yes, I have known deprivation and abundance. We all face these things and yet I have faced these with the help of Love because that is what I chose to do.

When we choose to let Love embrace us we enter into the new dimension of a life full of miracles. This is the very essence of Alchemy. - Colm Holland

Please let me be clear on this! No, I don't always get my own way. No, I don’t project my will over others. No, I don’t manipulate life to my competitive advantage. And yet Love continues to bless me with miracles at every turn.

Miracles happen when we align our intent with the intent of Love; when we make our purpose match Love’s desire for the wellbeing of all. This is the life of miracles.

Unconditional Love removes the need for me to judge, condemn, blame or victimize anyone else or even myself. Unconditional Love brings goodness, mercy, joy, peace and inner abundance to my life and this is the lens I see my life through.

When we surrender our life to Unconditional Love we become part of the flow of grace and benevolence that fills the universe as if it’s as natural as life itself. Over time we hardly need to think about it - this is our life.We see people helped, we see people forgiven, we see generosity, we see the lost comforted because we are part of the very fabric of all things.

Each time one of us joins in the flow of a life of miracles, then the Soul of The World is enriched and becomes transformed. We may never see an end to suffering and pain in our lifetime - but we can become part of the answer. This is the miracle of who we are.

Tomorrow, I will tell some stories from my own archive of miracles to encourage us to manifest them.

Our mantra for today:

Today I choose to be part of a world full of miracles.

Remember I have asked Love to give you everything you need to be the Alchemist in your world - and it all begins with a thought.