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How to use the principles of Alchemy to enrich your relationships.

Do you have a realistic expectation of what loving personal relationships should look like? Are you failing to reach that standard or are those around you not living up to that standard? Or both?

In this series of five lessons I will be exploring how true love is an organic and evolving relationship, where a sacred place is formed and magic happens when we commit to each other as equals with care and compassion. This is where the alchemical gold of love lives to enrich and give true meaning and purpose to our lives.

In this online course you can learn...

  • Relationship protecting tools that you can employ to save your dearest relationships.

  • Ancient principles of alchemy that speak directly to the topic of romantic love, and the pain and the vulnerability of relationships.

  • How to work with unconditional love to resolve triggered feelings and how to turn pain into gold in your relationships.

  • The alchemical ingredient to inner empowerment which is relationship building.

Learn how to rediscover the chemistry or alchemy that Eros - our unavoidable Greek god - has brought us to and how he can help rekindle the love we seek.

Understand some of the normal dynamics in romantic relationships and the importance of managing unrealistic expectations - that you or your partner may have - in what you want from your relationship.

Get started now with the Alchemy of Romantic Love course for only $39.95.

Colm Holland - the original publisher of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - reveals life changing secrets from the book.